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COMPUTER RECYCLING is a growing industry with major environmental and long-term economic benefits. It can reduces the amount of recyclable materials to reuse and less impact of deposited to landfill and reduces ton of energy power used in manufacturing new products, thus helping reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses and therefore helping avert climate change to our surrounding.

You can worry-free of leaving all your unwanted recyclable stuff to us as we are able to remove and deliver in proper way of all your recyclable computers piling up in your office, store room, attic or garage. We are handling all types of your unwanted computers with all forms and grades likes old PC, Monitor(CRT/LCD), obsolete CPU, Computer Hardware, Laptop Parts and Electrical Appliances in proper manner of zero waste to landfill, reform to usage, reprocess to Environmental Comply with our licence network team. Most of the Computer can be recycled into its various components like plastics, metals, glass etc. and from almost fully recycled and recover to raw materials for further use.

Let us safely and securely removing all your unwanted stuff at your convenience, at home or at work. By recycling, you can help keep those recyclable materials out of our air, land and water to both public health and the environment. Convenient, prompt action, responsible for individuals and organizations ever for the home, offices, factory, business and for you.

We are providing FREE transport pick up service to serve you with coverage of Kuala Lumpur (KL), Ampang, Setapak, Kepong, Damansara, Subang Jaya (SJ), Petaling Jaya (PJ), Cheras, Puchong, Serdang, Kajang and Selangor area. 

For pick up service enqury, call 016-3837671 for immediate arrangement or e-mail! We providing Free transport pick up service for removing all your unwanted stuff at your convenience time.

 Don't Throw, Think First. By Recycling - Nothing go to waste.